Hotel furniture in Austria

Hotel furniture in Austria

Austria has become one of the most popular European holiday destinations for travelers coming from the Middle East, especially families who enjoy the pristine nature with green meadows, crystal clear lakes and snow-capped mountain peaks found in Austria. Austria’s historic cities, such as Vienna, Salzburg, and Innsbruck, are also very popular for shopping, visiting the tourist attractions in the picturesque city centers, or simply having a nice time and relaxing in one of the many parks or cafes there.
The number of visitors and tourists to Austria reached about 33 million visitors annually, according to the statistics of the Ministry of International Tourism for the year 2007. The number of tourists also reached approximately the same number, according to the statistics of the Austrian Tourism Authority for the year 2010. There are many tourist places in Austria, and we mention, for example, the Gastein Valley and the Otz Valley.

Hotel furniture companies in Austria

Tourism in Austria Tourism is an important part of the Austrian economy and represents 9% of the Austrian economy. Tourists visit Austria in the summer and winter. The city of Vienna, the capital of Austria, is considered the city most visited by tourists, followed by the city of Salzburg. One of the most prominent tourist places in Austria is the Cathedral of Saint Stephen in Vienna and Belvedere Palace, and tourists visit Austria in order to practice snow skiing in the Alps in the winter.
Austria contains a huge group of international hotels, which are distinguished by the diversity of their hotel styles, which led to the creation of hotel furniture among hotels, which has become a distinctive mark for Austrian hotels and a great attraction for tourism.

Hotel furniture factories in Austria

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