Hotel Furniture Supplier in Saudi arabia

– Modern, High Quality Furniture Hotel Project, Hotel İnterior Decoration, Hotel Design. A Cool Stance, an Aesthetic Design and Change. Tasarım Mobilya. Göz Alıcı Modeller. Modern Ve Kaliteli. Modeller: Yatak Odaları, Yemek Odaları, Oturma Grupları, Köşe Takımları, TV Üniteleri

Hotel Furniture Supplier-Saudi - Modern, High Quality Furniture
Hotel Furniture Supplier-Saudi – Modern, High Quality Furniture

Saudi arabia- Modern, High Quality Furniture

A global manufacturer in the hospitality furniture industry, with our headquarter located Bursa, Turkey. Serving the market for almost two decades.
We combines high-technology manufacturing with expert craftsmanship to create durable wood and metal chairs, tables, booths, sofas and any type of customized furniture item without compromising in design.
We create hundreds varieties of wooden chairs, tables, armchairs, sofas and other types of sitting groups made of aluminium, metal for hotels, restaurants, bars and coffee shops in Turkey and all over the world.