Hotel furniture manufacturers in Iraq

Watan Design Factories group for hotel furnishing is considered one of the largest hotel furnishing companies in Iraq. Due to the strong relations between Turkey and Iraq and the ease of commercial exchange between them, Watan Design Hotel Furniture succeeded in acquiring the hotel furniture market in Iraq, where several projects were implemented in Baghdad, Najaf and Karbala.

Commercial hotel design from local folk customs, ancient legends, celebrity stories, even landscape, urban distinctive cultural connotation and artistic charm etc., cultural elements in hotel style, interior decoration, restaurant integration in all directions,

Based on the consideration of the user’s safety, comfort and health during work and life, etc. national and industry standards. Therefore, the hotel furniture allocation should be based on the size of the hotel suite space before making suitable furniture configurations for the hotel suite furniture design

hotel furniture in iraq
hotel furniture in iraq

Hotel furniture suppliers in Iraq

We have a team of skilled engineers who are constantly present in the State of Iraq to implement our various projects of hotel furniture in Baghdad and in different Iraqi cities.

Creativity, innovation and quality control are the secret of our success. Our engineers offer our distinctive designs and read what is in your mind to start the journey. Our designers know very well what you require and strive in every way to design furniture and interior decorations as required.

Being a solution partner in all respects is our main approach in all the projects we work on and the projects we aim to win, because we believe that only high quality or reasonable prices are not what our customers are looking for. We aim to provide our customers with the best quality through our smart, practical and integrated solutions that exceed customer expectations.